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Types of Mystery Shopping and Features:
Custom built report designed for each individual company’s needs.
Audio recording available for the telephone shops.
Dedicated account manager to handle all of the client’s needs.
Sales and Customer Service training created specifically from the
         results of Mystery Shopping reports.
In-house scheduling, personal interaction and training with each
         secret shopper.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

On-site Shops Includes:
Our on-site shop consists of a telephone shop of the leasing consultant, as well as an on-site visit.  Per the client's request, this type of shop is also available in digitally recorded format.  Once the visit is complete, the shopper will complete a custom built report designed for each individual company’s needs.  The reports can be as detailed as you would like and each includes a summary page, highlighting specific areas (i.e. telephone, greeting, demonstration, fair housing, closing).   

Competitor Shops Include:
This type of shop is the same as the on-site shop above, but will also include information that will allow for clients to get a better understanding and knowledge of what the competitors are offering (i.e. special incentives, pricing, and leasing staff).

In addtion to the above shops, we offer recorded telephone shops, internet shops, fair housing shops, and integrity testing shops.

We also offer a unique Top Shop Program, which encompasses a number of shopping scores, over time, for a specific leasing consultant.   

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