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Top Shop Program:
Do you want better results from your staff and to increase your occupancy?  Become a member of our Top Shop Program!  With this program, if your community gains just one (1) lease a year because of this program it will have paid for itself twelve (12) times over!  For example, with a net effective rent of only $650, it will make the property over $7,000 for the year AFTER the cost of the shops!

Stop losing prospects!  Stop shopping your properties only when you have a problem!  Be proactive instead of reactive and shop your staff regularly to improve your occupancy and to develop a company wide positive brand image!

Here’s how it works:
Shop all your employees once a quarter (4 times per year).
Use the poor shops for re-training and to determine areas of
For positive reinforcement, reward those that consistently do well.
The program is a proactive way to reinforce the proper leasing
         techniques and creates a positive attitude toward shopping
         reports.  It’s also a great source of accountability.


              TOP SHOP
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